A contribution from the Salzburg district newspapers, great joy about the red Pichel pear.

Stamperl in gold for “Kernei”

With his system, Alfred Muckenhammer produces 38 different types of spirits.

Alfred Muckenhammer’s “Red Pichelbirne” brought Austria’s victory to Anthering.

ANTHERING (mek). For many, the “digestive schnapps” is part of a good meal. Whether or not it actually helps digestion is debatable. The liquor should be just as good as the food. The Muckenhammer family was recently awarded the “Golden Stamperl” in Wieselburg for their “Rote Pichelbirne” pear brandy, bringing Austria’s victory in this category to Anthering.

A family tradition

“Our father started the distillery more than 45 years ago,” says Alfred Muckenhammer, who took over the distillery. He offers his guests 38 different types of spirits and liqueurs. The certified brandy sommelier is also happy to try out exotic brandies. He has already processed mangoes or May tops into schnapps. “Of course, sometimes something doesn’t work,” he laughs. You can taste them all in the Gasthof Mostheuriger in Anthering – with a detailed explanation from the chef himself. “If you order in advance, you can get a juicy roast in the Rein for five to 15 people,” says Muckenhammer. This comes from our own farm butchery. If someone catches one or two too many shots, they can rent a guest room on the spot.

On the trail of whiskey

The production of whiskey is new to the program at “Kerneis” Mostheurigem. This must be stored in a wooden barrel for at least three years and one day in order to be called whiskey. “That’s really exciting, because you only know after a very long time whether it even tastes good,” says Muckenhammer. He usually processes the mash for the schnapps after about two weeks and storage in the barrel does not take much longer. So you will have to be patient a little longer before you can taste the Antheringer Whiskey. At the trade fair in Wieselburg, the brandies are tasted blindly by a jury. The “Rote Pichelbirne” joins a long list of award-winning brandies from the Antheringer Schnapsbrenner. On that note – Cheers and cheers.


Contribution from district papers